"I've been training now with Ashley for the past couple of months. She has been a revelation! Ashley is always professional, approachable & friendly. She has a great knowledge of fitness, but also a more holistic approach that includes diet and overall lifestyle. As a new mum, I didn't have much time to spend on myself let alone for exercising. Ashley has given me the confidence to make changes with an individually tailored approach to my health. I feel much stronger and have more energy to run after my little boy."

- Rebecca, 35

"I must admit... I hate exercising. All my experiences with going to the gym, drinking protein shakes, going on low carb diets and hiring personal trainers have been less than satisfying. Even when I achieved my ideal weight I still felt tired and overall lacking in physical and mental strength. I have found myself constantly asking “surely there must be more to exercising than this?”, “surely there is something I can stick to?”; “surely there is something that will actually make me feel better as a whole”.

This is when I found Ashley and she has truly been a breath of fresh air. She is enthusiastic, patient and professional but most importantly she is honest and realistic about how and when I can achieve my personal goals. Everyone is different and wants to achieve different things. Ashley takes the time to understand this and provides a holistic approach to training. She has helped me to understand that what I should be focused on is wellbeing, not the ‘quick fix’, ‘get in shape quickly’ approach that I had been using for so long.

Ashley is the first person who has taken the time to understand my true needs and provided training which will improve my wellbeing as a whole- physical, spiritual and mental. Her energy and passion to make a change in the way we approach fitness is refreshing and inspiring."

- Maria, 28

"As a relatively fit 23 year old male, I thought I was in tune with the right way to train and get the best out of my body. As soon as I had my first one on one with Ashley it was very clear that I still had a lot to learn. The achievements i made in such a short time focusing on functional body weight exercises as oppose to standard gym equipment exercises were insane. The overall improvement across all aspects of strength, flexibility and power in a simple 30 minute session were un parralled with over an hour spent in the gym. Her personable approach to my goals have got me to a higher level in half the time that I spent at the gym, all from a location close to home and out in the fresh air! I would recommend her to anyone looking on improving any aspect of health.
Thanks a lot Ash!"

- Alistair, 23

"Ashley focuses on helping her clients achieve their goals. She genuinely cares about their needs. Her professionalism and passion for what she does is remarkable. Her enthusiasm during training is contagious. She could make workouts fun and enjoyable."

- Gladys, 58

"I came to Ashley wanting to get fitter, healthier, happier and lose weight. In her coaching sessions, Ashley showed me a different way of thinking and feeling about food. She made me realize that food is fuel for our bodies and, while we can have the odd treat, pure, whole food is so much better. Her personal training sessions were amazing! The first one left my legs feeling like jelly but every week I felt myself getting stronger and fitter and Ashley intensified the workouts to match my growing endurance. I would definitely recommend Ashley to anyone wanting a different perspective on health and weight loss."

- Lucy, 24


"Ashley is a talented trainer and a beautiful person inside and out.  Her huge smile and wonderful positive energy is contagious!!  She always pushes me to do my best.  She never makes me feel foolish, hopeless or uncoordinated (which is how I thought I would  feel). She has taught me to have confidence in myself and to trust my capabilities.  She makes exercise fun, exciting and full of variety.  She makes me laugh during every session – even after a bad week, I always leave Ashley with a smile on my face (as I sweat, pant and blast the car air-con to reduce the redness in my face!).  She helps me feel healthy both in body and in mind. I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough.  It will only take one session for you to see what I see – and then you’ll be hooked!

I have always exercised but until I started training with Ashley, I didn't feel I was getting the results for my efforts.  If you are looking for a trainer to support you, who will plan your sessions so you don’t have to worry, who knows your weaknesses and strengths from the start, who can work around any injuries you have, who will push you but will also guide you and who will make you eager for your next session because you have become addicted to feeling great, then Ashley is the trainer for you.

If you're only getting started on your fitness journey, or like me, wanted an extra push, give Ashley a go - who knows, you might become an addict like me."

- Claudia, 43 

"My first session with Ashley was like a breath of fresh air. She took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve and then ran me through a program focusing on technique...the key to any effective training session. As a busy Mum I need to be able to do a quick workout that targets my whole body, while also focusing on working towards achieving goals which Ashley explained were important to set. Ash is helping me find the motivation within myself to train well, and is also coaching me on how to use food to nutritionally fuel my body which is equally as important."

- Jen, 41

"I received personal training from Ashley Hunt as I was unhappy with the regular big chain gyms and the lack of individual and personal approach they could offer me. From the moment I met Ashley it was very clear how fresh and focused her approach was with regards to reaching my personal goals and working with my strengths and amplifying them. The level of interest and how comfortable she made me feel allowed me to actually enjoy exercising for the first time, and the results I achieved clearly showed the effectiveness of her method."

- Lana, 20